Annals of Dalbion

Rumble in the Toadwallows II:
Toad's Revenge

After breaking camp the party encountered a returning hunting party of bullywugs lead by the formidable Uggloor. Iris and Tofu were eaten by frogs. Iris was not allowed to die by her god Kord. Tofu was saved by Legoland. Uggloor and friends were dispatched.

Outside the cavern they met Herron who had been captured by Uggloor. The party released and returned him to Tor’s Hold.

With the aid of Tor’s Hold secured, the party returned to Albridge.

Rumble in the Toadwallows:
Frog on a Stick

The party traveled to the Toadwallow caverns and managed to enter without alerting the sentries posted just within the cavern’s entrance. The party launched a devastating surprise attack until thing were derailed by a murder of stirges, several of which attached themselves to Tofu. In time all the bullywugs and striges were dispatched and the party moved deeper into the cave.

The party came across a large dragon skull, a frog like face peered out at them from the skull’s empty eye socket. They later learned that this was Gloorp, chieftain of the tribe. He let out a massive croak initiating the attack. More bullywugs and oozes moved in on the party. The battle was strenuous, several party member losing consciousness in the process, but they eventually managed to come out on top. As Gloorp found himself near death and surround he pleaded to the adventures for his life, offering treasure in exchange for escape. The party however heroically rejected his offerings and instead took his head.

Afterwards the party searched the cavern and found the treasure Gloorp must have been speaking of. They then made camp in the cavern so that they may cater to their wounds.

Meeting the Resistance

On their way back to town the party saw a pillar of smoke coming from an unknown source. They investigated and discovered a group Black Knives setting fire to a small steading. They did away with the marauders saving the steading and its inhabitants, a half-elf women named Ilyana and her son. Ilyana was very grateful and put them up for the night. She suggested the group meet Gustavul Brawn in Albridge, the leader of the Resistance, in the hopes that the party will aid him in expelling the Black Knives from the valley and also, perhaps returning her husband who has gone missing(presumably kidnapped by the Black Knives).

Well rested the party continued onto Albridge. While in the market they learned of a scholar put up at the local temple. After investigating they discovered this to be the true Ellis Goodchum. She had been traveling in the area in hopes of exploring the tombs when she was raided. The thieves took all her maps and other valuables leaving her for dead. The party decided to give her the scrolls after she assured them that she would send word of the party’s assistance to her benefactors, for which they(her benefactors) would most certainly reward the party.

The party then met with Gustaval Brawn at his residence. Gustavul Brawn wanted the party to prove their loyalty so he instructed them to ambush a Black Knives caravan delivering supplies to Harken.

The party managed this with minimal effort and gained Gustavul’s confidence.

The party was then tasked with going to the Toadwallow Caverns and removing a tribe of Bullywugs to free the fighters of Tor’s Hold so that they may also join the resistance.

Enter the Dalbion: Tomb of Kievshic Part II
durrus tomb keivshic black knives desmona

Tofu managed to disarm the last of the smaller glyphs with some assistance from an unknown source, leaving only the large glyph surrounding the sarcophagus. With most immediate threats removed, Mugsy decided to take a magical bracer from one of the piles of treasure about the chamber. Doing so activated a trap. The copper faces in the walls of the vault dropped their jaws and a seemingly endless stream of rats poured into the room. The party was soon overwhelmed by the rat swarms and decided to take a smash and grab approach to acquiring the magical sword and scrolls. Iris entered the large defensive glyph as she approached the sarcophagus, activating yet another trap. As soon as she crossed the glyph’s threshold the room started to quake. Fearing that the dungeon would collapse the party re-double their efforts to get out quickly. Iris somehow summoned the strength to remove the sarcophagus’ lid unaided. Inside she found the sword, a box that contained the scrolls, and a magical battle standard. She quickly gathered them all.

Then came betrayal. The two members of the Black Knives that Tofu had met earlier entered the chamber. Ellis attacked Iris in an effort to take the artifacts for herself but her efforts were in vain. Ellis succumbed to the rat swarms, passing out, as the party began the flee the collapsing chamber. The party disabled the two Black Knives allowing them to swiftly depart. Just when they were about to leave however, the party decided to save Ellis. Rather than heroically venturing back into the room, the party decided to— safely from the hallway— tie a rope to an arrow which they then had Legoland fire into Ellis’ body. With the life-line deeply anchored, the party tightly held the rope as the ran out of the dungeon, dragging Ellis out behind them.

Everyone somehow managed to escape the dungeon, falling into a clearing at the mouth of the tomb’s entrance as dust and debris were forced out of the collapsing underground vault. After the smoke cleared, one of the Black Knives— both of whom had also somehow managed to make their way out— decided to flee fearing for his life. Legoland decided to used his deadly accurate bow to disable him. He proved too deadly accurate however and accidentally killed the fleeing man. The party subdued the other Black Knife and made him swear allegiance to them. They then revived Ellis and began to interrogate her.

They learned that her name was actually Desmona Black, the daughter of Seractus Black, leader of the Black Knives, and that she had planed to use them to get to the sword and then betray them taking the sword for herself. After some bargaining the party decided that she was not to be trusted. Fearing repercussions from the Black Knives, the party(with objections from Tofu) decided to execute Desmona and the other Black Knife leaving no witnesses.

The party departed with both sword and scrolls in bloodied hand.

Enter the Dalbion: Tomb of Keivshic The Resilient
durrus tomb keivshic

The party found itself at the Crows’ Milk Inn & Tavern. They met a man named Marcus who was apparently was traveling with a cloaked man with an odd tattoo around his eye. Tofu also had a brief encounter with two scoundrelly looking men who said they were in the Black Knives. Lastly, they met a women who called herself Ellis Goodchum.

Ellis said she was a scholar from the capital who had come to Durrus to retrieve scrolls of lost history she believed to be in the lost tomb of a goblin warlord called Keivshic the Resilient. After some persuading, she agreed to hire the party to accompany her through the tomb for 100 gold and a magic sword rumored to have been entombed with Keivshic.

The party traveled a day and a half southeast to the tomb of the goblin warlord.

At the entrance of the tomb the party found a statue of a dwarf that bore the name Fireforge. After solving a puzzle, they discovered the statue was actually a door that hid a narrow staircase descending into the tomb. The stairs led into a large cavern that was infested with rats. Some of the larger ones attacked the party. The party negotiated a broken bridge with roped to cross a pit in the cavern, making their way to the next section of the tomb.

Here, the party found the walls to be ornately carved with scenes featuring a goblin. Mugsey took a ruby he found in an alcove in this part of the tomb. This activated a trap, summoning ghostly goblins the party battled.

Further into the tomb, the party found the sarcophagus that bore the name Fireforge. In the sarcophagus they found a throwing hammer that looked like it was made out of coal. Rayquazza took it as his own.

In the next chamber of the tomb, the party encountered a magical artifice that resembled a goblin deity of some kind. Tofu used arcana to gain control of the the artifice.

Taking a hallway further into the tomb, the party at last found the sarcophagus of the goblin warlord. The sarcophagus was protected by five magical glyphs. Tofu managed to disarm some of the glyphs but failed on the third and activated the trap. The glyphs summoned more ghostly goblins the party battled as Tofu worked to deactivate the remaining glyphs.


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