Annals of Dalbion

Rumble in the Toadwallows:

Frog on a Stick

The party traveled to the Toadwallow caverns and managed to enter without alerting the sentries posted just within the cavern’s entrance. The party launched a devastating surprise attack until thing were derailed by a murder of stirges, several of which attached themselves to Tofu. In time all the bullywugs and striges were dispatched and the party moved deeper into the cave.

The party came across a large dragon skull, a frog like face peered out at them from the skull’s empty eye socket. They later learned that this was Gloorp, chieftain of the tribe. He let out a massive croak initiating the attack. More bullywugs and oozes moved in on the party. The battle was strenuous, several party member losing consciousness in the process, but they eventually managed to come out on top. As Gloorp found himself near death and surround he pleaded to the adventures for his life, offering treasure in exchange for escape. The party however heroically rejected his offerings and instead took his head.

Afterwards the party searched the cavern and found the treasure Gloorp must have been speaking of. They then made camp in the cavern so that they may cater to their wounds.



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