Annals of Dalbion

On their way back to town the party saw a pillar of smoke coming from an unknown source. They investigated and discovered a group Black Knives setting fire to a small steading. They did away with the marauders saving the steading and its inhabitants, a half-elf women named Ilyana and her son. Ilyana was very grateful and put them up for the night. She suggested the group meet Gustavul Brawn in Albridge, the leader of the Resistance, in the hopes that the party will aid him in expelling the Black Knives from the valley and also, perhaps returning her husband who has gone missing(presumably kidnapped by the Black Knives).

Well rested the party continued onto Albridge. While in the market they learned of a scholar put up at the local temple. After investigating they discovered this to be the true Ellis Goodchum. She had been traveling in the area in hopes of exploring the tombs when she was raided. The thieves took all her maps and other valuables leaving her for dead. The party decided to give her the scrolls after she assured them that she would send word of the party’s assistance to her benefactors, for which they(her benefactors) would most certainly reward the party.

The party then met with Gustaval Brawn at his residence. Gustavul Brawn wanted the party to prove their loyalty so he instructed them to ambush a Black Knives caravan delivering supplies to Harken.

The party managed this with minimal effort and gained Gustavul’s confidence.

The party was then tasked with going to the Toadwallow Caverns and removing a tribe of Bullywugs to free the fighters of Tor’s Hold so that they may also join the resistance.



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