Annals of Dalbion

Enter the Dalbion: Tomb of Kievshic Part II

durrus tomb keivshic black knives desmona

Tofu managed to disarm the last of the smaller glyphs with some assistance from an unknown source, leaving only the large glyph surrounding the sarcophagus. With most immediate threats removed, Mugsy decided to take a magical bracer from one of the piles of treasure about the chamber. Doing so activated a trap. The copper faces in the walls of the vault dropped their jaws and a seemingly endless stream of rats poured into the room. The party was soon overwhelmed by the rat swarms and decided to take a smash and grab approach to acquiring the magical sword and scrolls. Iris entered the large defensive glyph as she approached the sarcophagus, activating yet another trap. As soon as she crossed the glyph’s threshold the room started to quake. Fearing that the dungeon would collapse the party re-double their efforts to get out quickly. Iris somehow summoned the strength to remove the sarcophagus’ lid unaided. Inside she found the sword, a box that contained the scrolls, and a magical battle standard. She quickly gathered them all.

Then came betrayal. The two members of the Black Knives that Tofu had met earlier entered the chamber. Ellis attacked Iris in an effort to take the artifacts for herself but her efforts were in vain. Ellis succumbed to the rat swarms, passing out, as the party began the flee the collapsing chamber. The party disabled the two Black Knives allowing them to swiftly depart. Just when they were about to leave however, the party decided to save Ellis. Rather than heroically venturing back into the room, the party decided to— safely from the hallway— tie a rope to an arrow which they then had Legoland fire into Ellis’ body. With the life-line deeply anchored, the party tightly held the rope as the ran out of the dungeon, dragging Ellis out behind them.

Everyone somehow managed to escape the dungeon, falling into a clearing at the mouth of the tomb’s entrance as dust and debris were forced out of the collapsing underground vault. After the smoke cleared, one of the Black Knives— both of whom had also somehow managed to make their way out— decided to flee fearing for his life. Legoland decided to used his deadly accurate bow to disable him. He proved too deadly accurate however and accidentally killed the fleeing man. The party subdued the other Black Knife and made him swear allegiance to them. They then revived Ellis and began to interrogate her.

They learned that her name was actually Desmona Black, the daughter of Seractus Black, leader of the Black Knives, and that she had planed to use them to get to the sword and then betray them taking the sword for herself. After some bargaining the party decided that she was not to be trusted. Fearing repercussions from the Black Knives, the party(with objections from Tofu) decided to execute Desmona and the other Black Knife leaving no witnesses.

The party departed with both sword and scrolls in bloodied hand.



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